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Separator And Cut-Off Contacts


Baraflex produces Copper, Silver and Aluminum components used in separators and cutter inner tools according to customer demands and technical drawings.

Arcs occur during cutting and opening under load at medium and high voltage. Since the arcs formed damage the contacts over time, the custom-tailored products we offer can minimize the damages that may occur.
Pure Copper is of 50-60 Brinell hardness. thanks to the experience of R&D and technical equipments, Baraflex is capable of manufacturing products with a hardness of 250 Brinell.

Baraflex manufactures all Copper, Aluminum or Silver materials for the switch, which can extinguish the arc, open and close the circuits under load in medium and high voltage systems, in line with customer demands.

Production is made according to customer demands by using techniques such as Hot Forging, Metalworking and Bending. Our products are manufactured in accordance with TS EN 62271-102 standard.

Usage areas;
Metal Clad Switchgears
Concrete Corners
Metal Enclosed Switchgears
SF6 gas disconnectors
SF06 gas load disconnectors






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