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İnsan Kaynakları


Our principles of human resources management aim;

• To prioritize the safety, health and well-being of our employees

• To act responsibly towards society, nature and the environment, in accordance with moral values and ethical principles

• To carry out Human Resources practices that will enable all our employees to have a “humane” and “continuous development” oriented perspective

• To establish a continuous cooperation based on trust with our stakeholders in all our activities

• To prioritize the development of our employees at every stage and level, to constantly “invest in people”,

• Continuing our contribution to company goals such as “productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction” by ensuring the continuous development of our employees


The competence, knowledge and skill level of our managers and employees are the most important factors that will affect the vision of our company and shape its future. Therefore, training activities are one of the indispensable elements of our company. In this framework, personal, managerial and functional trainings are planned in line with the current duties, knowledge, skills and needs of employees, and these trainings are carried out by expert trainers. In order to choose the right forthcoming training programs and to increase the effectiveness of the trainings, the outcome of training and its influence on business effectiveness are monitored.


Management by Objectives and Performance Evaluation

Clear performance evaluation is based on concrete and measurable goals. In line with the targets set at the beginning of the year, employees, together with their managers, set targets according to their duties. These targets are followed up throughout the year. When necessary, changes and directions are made. Performance levels are determined by taking into account the targets achievable at the end of the year. The performance of employees enables them to nominate themselves for various positions within the framework of their personal career plans, which affects their wage policies.


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